Radiation Testing Services

We test your electronics for space

Our experts take care of all of it, test plan, design of test structures, radiation testing, and reporting. All according to ESA standards.

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Radiation Simulations

We support our customers to run advanced and complex simulations to asses the radiation effects on their material, devices and circuits.

We run different types of simulations including Geant4, TCAD, etc

Simulations include Total Ionisation Dose (TID) and Single Effect Transient (SET) phenomena.

Our expertise supports the simulation of materials for packaging, solar cells, transistors, and circuits.

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Test Plans and Design

All test plans and preparations are taken care of by our experts.

We advice our customers and partners on the best practice and approach to evaluate their electronics for space according to the ESA standards.

We provide the radiation test plan, and design and fabricate the adequate PCBs for performing the radiation tests. 

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Beam Types

Heavy ions

  • Ions from C to Xe
  • LET up to 85 MeV×cm2/mg
  • Up to 104 particles cm2/s
  • Beam homogeneity 10% over 25 mm diameter

Gamma irradiation 

  • TID Test
  • Cobalt 60 source
  • Dose rate up to 1 krad/h (Si)


  • Energy from 10 to 65 MeV
  • LET from 8.4e-3 to 3.5e-2 MeV×cm2/mg
  • Beam homogeneity 10% over 80 mm × 80 mm

All beams are provided by theCRCfacility in Louvain-la-Neuve (UCLouvain).

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