• Process simulation
  • Device simulation
  • RF (substrate and device linearity)
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  • Electrothermal simulations (GaN, SOI,...)
  • Self-heating effects
  • Piezo-electrothermal modelling (AlN, GaN, piezo,...)
  • 3D EM simulation

Circuit simulations

  • DC, AC, RF, harmonic balance, transient
  • Complete circuit simulations
  • Device level simulations
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Our offer of numerical simulations spans from a concept evaluation to a semiconductor device electrical behaviour to a complete electrical circuit simulation.

We give two examples:

Multiphysics simulations in piezoelectric materials

  • Piezoelectric materials such as quartz, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, ZnO,… can be simulated in order to determine the different bulk and surface acoustic wave (BAW and SAW) vibrational modes and to extract numerous material parameters such as the piezoelectric coupling coefficient (k2eff), the acoustic speed (v) and the temperature coefficient of frequency (TCF).
  • Acoustic wave devices including resonators and filters can also be simulated and device parameters such as the quality factor (Q) or insertion losses (IL) can be extracted.

RF simulations

  • Our RF simulations capabilities include device level simulations (Atlas,...), 3D EM simulations (Comsol,...) and circuit simulations (ADS, Spice,...) for a wide range of devices : MOS, HEMT, CPW lines, Inductors, .... 
  • Combined with our modelling capabilities, we can provide complete circuit simulations for different solvers (DC, AC, RF, HB, transient…).