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Depending on where you are on the value chain of the semiconductor industry, we have adapted our services to your needs.

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Wafer Manufacturers

We have more than a decade in the simulation, characterization and modeling of substrates for RF applications. We helped our clients develop wafers with the best performance for RF application including linear and nonlinear characteristics.

Substrats developed with the support of Incize are used for RF switches, antenna tuners, filters and much more.

Our services include:


Electrical Characterization

Clean room process optimisation

Fabs, fabless and IDMs

A variety of our services are tailored to suit each of our customers along the value chain of the semiconductor industry, and we keep customising our services based on your needs.

Our services include:


Design of Test Structures

Clean room process optimisation

Electrical Characterization

Optical Characterization


PDK Support

Electronics for Space

We offer a complete solution including:


Design of Test Plan

Design and fabrication of PCBs for Radiation Testing

Radiation Testing of Different Beams

Analysis and Reporting


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