Contactless material characterization

  • Rapid SOI substrate linearity assessment
  • No top Si removal
  • No metallization
  • Combination of optical and electromagnetic techniques


  • Elastic, dielectric and piezoelectric constants
  • Acoustic velocity
  • Temperature coefficient of frequency
  • LiTaO3, LiNbO3, quartz

Porous silicon

  • Fabrication
  • CMOS integration
  • Mechanical and electrical characterization

Phase changing

  • Resistance switching ratio
  • MIT parameters
  • Hysteresis cycle
  • VO2 , GeTe


  • Novel characterization techniques
  • New test structures


  • Research of new applications
  • Figures of merit

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Our research projects address new challenges in design and characterization for 5G communications systems. New materials required to fulfill the stringent requirements imposed by the 5G standards are investigated. Phase changing materials, piezoelectric materials and III-V materials will be incorporated in the new generation of front-end-modules which will be part of the mainstream RF electronic industry in the next years. Our projects are tailored to investigate the performance of these materials as part of the next generation of substrates and to develop appropriate characterization techniques to benchmark state-of-the-art 5G devices.


RF-MEMS switches

  • Novel characterization techniques of reliability
  • Material & design
  • Prototyping
  • Characterization
  • RF front-end module

Resonators, antennas and filters

  • Quality factor, capacitance ratio, insertion losses
  • Novel characterization techniques

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Centered on RF-MEMS (Radio Frequency microsystems), the project aims to increase the skills of Incize in the fields of experimental characterization. The results of this industrial research project is a test system that will help achieve the necessary linearity and reliability for RF-MEMS-based devices components.

Given the heterogeneous nature of MEMS, the test system must be as complete as possible in order to be able to monitor and collect a maximum of data on the various parameters of the component.
These parameters are linked to aspects of different natures:

  • The mechanical aspects which are linked to the MEMS membrane such as the force that can be supported by the membrane or the deformation of the membrane;
  • The electrical aspects which can be linked for example to the MEMS activation levels or to the power and integrity of the transmitted signal;
  • Aspects related to the reliability and service life of the component. Here it is mainly about the solidity of the membrane and the number of activations that can be supported by the membrane.

At the end of this project, Incize will have accumulated knowledge in the complex test (electrical, linear, mechanical, reliability) of RF-MEMS components. This knowledge will allow to develop not only a RF-MEMS component test service, but also commercial test solutions for manufacturers of MEMS-RF components in order to speed up qualification on production lines.


  • Dosimetry
  • Novel approach to data analysis
  • Simulation
  • Modelling