Incize is your partner in semiconductor characterization and modelling for the design of digital, analog/RF and harsh environment applications.

Our mission is to enable the highest level of technology advancement (in the RF semiconductor and related fields) at the service of the public, through our industrial value chain.

Incize started in 2011 as a spin-off from Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) in Belgium, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and home to globally recognized laboratories.

We specialize in the characterization of active and passive devices and materials for model parameter extraction and PDK development. We have unique know-how in characterization of Si and SOI substrates including high resistivity and trap rich materials. Our competence has been built up during more than a decade long research recognized by the scientific community. We enjoy access to bright minds, high tech clean rooms, a state of the art characterization lab and a modern particle accelerator.


We have experience and infrastructure to measure, characterize, simulate and model:

  • DC, analog and RF performance (DC to 130 GHz)
  • Flicker (1/f) noise
  • RF (thermal) noise
  • Self-heating
  • Harsh environment performance (4 – 600 K)
  • Substrate parasitic effects
  • Nonlinear behavior (harmonic distortion and intermodulation)
  • Low-voltage low-power operation and subthreshold discontinuities
  • Radiation hardness

We support:

  • FET/bipolar transistors of all technology nodes on bulk and SOI platforms
  • Passive components
  • Substrates (assessment of trap density in substrates and at interfaces, e.g. Si/SiO2, GaN/Si, GaN/SiC, etc.)
  • On-wafer and packaged devices

Through its state-of-the-art services, Incize addresses the needs of

  • Substrate manufacturers
  • Foundries
  • Fabless companies

We can design and fabricate test structures required for all types of characterization listed above. Using TCAD simulations we can evaluate and verify existing or new structures before fabrication.


Incize is working actively with its customers in Europe, Asia and USA to develop custom and standard models for RF technologies. The proposed models should be capable of accurately describing the high frequency and high power capabilities of such technologies, including the nonlinear effects related to operation in such regimes (harmonic distortion, intermodulation, crosstalk, etc). Benefiting from its ecosystem (UCLouvain long expertise in the field, state-of-the-art measurement facilities and cleanrooms) Incize is taking fast and robust steps towards its objective of providing precise models that are suitable for industrial EDA tools. Incize uses innovative RF techniques to characterize the active and passive devices leading to a cost-effective and rapid characterization/modelling cycle. Incize RF models should constitute a fundamental layer in the enablement of future RF technologies.