Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, August 12, 2021 – Expert in the characterization and modelling for RF semiconductor applications, Incize is proud to join the Industrial Alliance for Processors and Semiconductor Technologies.

Ubiquitous technologies, powering all the devices and machines we use today, semiconductors are key to society’s digital development, at the core of critical infrastructure, 5G, smartphones, the Internet of Things, and beyond. The demand is such, that the industry has been experiencing a global shortage for many months already and is subject to geopolitical ambitions.

On July 19, 2021, the European Commission announced the launch of two new industrial alliances, one for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud, and a second dedicated to Processors and Semiconductor Technologies.

This initiative aims at bringing together all the actors of the European industry, public and private, and reinforcing the links and cooperation amongst them, in view of bolstering the regional value chains and strengthening Europe’s manufacturing capacity. Europe intends to reaffirm its position within the global value chain.

In a context of increasing adoption of telecommunication technologies, as characterization and modelling service provider specialized in RF semiconductor applications, Incize brings its expertise and know-how to the industry. Incize serves as an industrial enabler for the enhancement of communication technologies and supports wafer manufacturers, foundries, fabless and MEMS providers.

Incize is thus proud to join the Industrial Alliance for Processors and Semiconductor Technologies, alongside market leaders, such as imec, Soitec or CEA-Leti, bringing its experience and expertise to the table to support a more resilient supply chain.

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