Incize is a powerhouse of characterization and modeling of semiconductor materials and devices. Services offered by Incize cover a wide range of technologies like silicon, III-V, piezo, dielectrics and 2D materials. Incize supports clients for analog/mixed signals and RF, quantum computing, low-power and high-power applications. Incize is proud to serve clients from wafer manufacturers, fabless and foundry companies. Characterization and modeling services provided by Incize are based on over a decade of advanced R&D to deliver the highest precision and state-of-the-art technology enablement.

Clients of Incize are fabless, foundries and wafer manufacturers.

Our team at IMS 2023 in San Diego

Mostafa Emam, PhD

Founder & CEO

Marianne Renoz

Business Development Manager

Yifei Yang

Business Developer Asia Pacific

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